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1-1/2" Very Fine Hook & Loop Surface Conditioning Disc

Specification: surface grinding disc with 4-1/2 in. diameter has a medium coarseness grit that provides fine finish without damaging the surface. The maroon-colored metal conditioning wheels for easy demarcation are available a pack of 10
Application: medium grit wheel is ideally used on metal surfaces for blending welds, cleaning, refining, and enhancing existing finishes. Walter sanding disc provides best results as a finishing step before applying #4 finish
Rotational Speed: the abrasive disc is rated for maximum 11,000 rotations per minute while the recommended speed is 4,000 to 6,500 rpm
Compatible Surface: use the sanding grit wheel to bring out mirror finish on stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and any other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Hook and loop fastening feature allows easy installation
Versatile: surface conditioning wheel in a non-woven construction offers a flexible grinding tool that adapts to both curved and flat surfaces
  • 1-1/2" Very Fine Hook & Loop Surface Conditioning Disc


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  • 100 Pieces

  • Shanghai, China

  • 500, 000PCS/Month

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  • Standard Package suited for long sea - voyage

Surface Conditioning Discs
Description: To be fitted on Velcro backup pads

Main features and benefits: Fast and heavy abrasive action, high unloading properties, extremely long life, quick to change.

Recommended applications: Plastic products, machinery for the chemical and food industries (manufacture and maintenance), stainless steel furniture, the automotive and railway industries, shipbuilding, the aeronautical industry, propellers and jet engines, stainless steel structural work.

Work surfaces: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and alloys, fibre glass, plastic and glass fibre.

SKU# Diameter
Coarse Medium Fine Ultra
per pack
per Carton

100 15,100 20 200

115 13,300 20 200

125 12,150 20 200

150 9,600 20 100

180 8,600 20 100

200 8,600 20 100

Surface Conditioning Discs with Hole

Surface Conditioning is an open nylon web, impregnated with abrasive grains.Offers a continuous and controlled finish with minimal material removal.Typical applications include;

Gasket removal
Coatings removal
Cleaning weld splatter
Removing heat discoloration
Leaves surfaces with a uniform satin finish.

SKU# Diameter / Hole
Coarse Medium Fine Ultra
per pack
per Carton

100 x 15 17,100 20 200

150 x 20 17,100 20 200

200 x 20 17,100 20 200

250 x 20 17,100 20 100

300 x 20 17,100 20 100



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