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8 Inch Non Woven Polishing Wheel

For cleaning and polishing surface and rust especially in stainless steel work piece.
Stainless steel knife, scissor, identical finished surface.
Metals of construction, handle, hinge, gate lock and door hinge.
Wipe off the burr of golf and cue.
Rubber, wood and plastic.
  • 8 Inch Non Woven Polishing Wheel


  • 3926909090

  • 1,000 Pieces

  • Shanghai, China

  • 5000000PCS/Year

  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal

  • Standard Package suited for long sea - voyage

Red/whiteAbrasive: White aluminium oxideWorkpiece for electroplating metal wire drawing processing, drawing fast, the Silk Road clear, effective, no residue, no black. Of zinc alloy, chrome-plated hard texture of the workpiece, such as the very strong performance. For copper wire drawing parts, need to select the soft round of the drawing, so as not to pull the bad parts; Nickel workpieces for wire drawing, the general hardness is usually the drawing round 5P; And chose thicker coating hardness for the drawing round 7P better (mainly for the lock-type). The edge of the drawing tool may be the hardness of sand for the 5P or 7P No. 240 # round the drawing. For aluminum products, recommend the use of pre-plated hardness of sand 7P No. 180 # -320 # for drawing the round.

Hardness Weight  (G) Packing Measurement
6X1 U0/3P 90-100 2pc/shrink 160pcs/ctn 62.5*32*52.5cm
U1/5P 120-140
U3/7P 150-170
U5/9P 200-220
U8/12P 230-250
6X2 U0/3P 180-210 1pc/shrink 80pcs/ctn 62.5*32*52.5cm
U1/5P 240-270
U3/7P 300-330
U5/9P 395-425
U8/12P 450-480

8X1 U1/5P 240-260 1pc/shrink 40pcs/ctn 42cm*21cm*52.5cm
U3/7P 350-370
U5/9P 380-400
U8/12P 430-440

8X2 U1/5P 460-500 1pc/shrink 20pcs/ctn 42cm*21cm*52.5cm
U3/7P 600-650
U5/9P 700-750
U8/12P 840-870

10x1 U0/3P 320-350 2pc/shrink 40pcs/ctn 52*27*53cm
U1/5P 390-420
U3/7P 550-580
U5/9P 650-680
U8/12P 700-730
10x2 U0/3P 600-650 1pc/shrink 20pcs/ctn 52*27*53cm
U1/5P 740-790
U3/7P 850-900
U5/9P 1120-1170
U8/12P 1310-1360

12X1 U0/3P 450-500 2pc/shrink 40pcs/ctn 62.5*32*52.5cm
U1/5P 550-600
U3/7P 780-830
U5/9P 900-950
U8/12P 970-1020
12X2 U0/3P 900-950 1pc/shrink 20pcs/ctn 62.5*32*52.5cm
U1/5P 980-1030
U3/7P 1250-1300
U5/9P 1550-1600
U8/12P 1850-1900

8 Inch Non Woven Polishing Wheel
8 Inch Non Woven Polishing Wheel


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