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Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks

  • Shanghai, China

  • 50, 000, 000PCS/Month

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  • Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks

  • 68071000

  • 150*230

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  • Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks


  • China

Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks

Non-woven abrasives are constructed with a nylon fiber substrate base bonded together with synthetic resins and abrasive grains. The abrasions from non-woven abrasives are less aggressive compared to coated abrasives due to their 3-D structure.
Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks
Non-woven's nylon grit particles have a helical, spring shape so some force applied to the work-piece is absorbed in the compressed spring. As surface conditioning products run over a contoured surface, the springs compress and expand allowing constant contact with the entire surface.
The contouring nature of the abrasive allows deeper scratches to be removed while providing more fine, uniform finish. This reduces the numbers of steps in the finishing process and helps to reduce production costs.
Coated abrasive grains wear down and change shape which results in a different scratch pattern. With non-woven abrasives, as the product wears away the substrate breaks down and reveals a new sharp grain. This leads to a more uniform, finer finish.
Advantages of non-woven abrasives include:
  • finishes contoured surfaces without compromising critical tolerances obtained in earlier operations
  • open structure helps product resist loading and run cool
  • less likely to damage work piece
  • waterproof resins allow product to be used wet or dry
  • can be used on non-ferrous and ferrous metals, ceramics, and plastics
  • grain breakdown process provides more consistent RA
Due to the less aggressive cut, non-woven abrasives are used in surface conditioning applications such as deburring, cleaning, finishing, and light blending.

Our non-woven abrasive has a special three-dimensional structure, which makes flexible sanding, easy to us on profiled surfaces and guarantee an excellent surface finishing. It is available in sheets, disks and also in rolls.

Hand polishing Pad
It is based on the material of this product with special fiber, processes by special adhesive and abrasive. It is belong to small grinding materials. Waterproof, flexible, suitable for various shapes of work. It can be cut into small size for hand polishing, or processing wing round, also can be press into round, and more pieces together, it has high efficiency.
Removing the rust on the surface of stainless steel, the steel, AAluminum allony and so on
Decorating the electroplate, improving the surface rating.
Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks
Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks
Hand Held Abrasive Sheets and Blocks


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